Innovation-led manufacturing, state-of-the-art production facilities and strict adherence to global standards have helped Creative Yarns become the largest Indian manufacturer of quality yarns.

Manufacturing and Infrastructure
Manufacturing and Infrastructure

Our world-class production facilities located at Vapi, Daman and Surat have a combined production area of 180,000 sq mtr. The facilities are located strategically near ports which ensures that our clients get their cargo with minimum time lost in transit. The facilities are vertically integrated providing complete control over the entire manufacturing process.

Sustainable, low-carbon manufacturing practices help us keep our carbon footprint low. Strict quality control mechanisms ensure our products are put to stringent checks so that our customers get the best.

Certifications and awards that we have received over the years are testaments to our product quality, operational excellence and responsiveness to customer needs.

We have end to end in-house production facility of yarns consisting:

  • Draw Texturising machines
  • Air Texturising machines
  • Primary Twisting Machines
  • Secondary Twisting Machines
  • Autoclave Bulking Machines
  • Yarn Dyeing Machines
  • Hank Space Dyeing Machines
  • Cone Space Dyeing Machines
  • Superba Heat Setting Machines
  • Hank Dyeing Machines
  • Volkmann Cabling Machines
  • Reeling Machines
  • Assembly Winders
  • TFO Machines
  • Hank to Cone Machines
  • Embroidery and Sewing Threads Machines
  • Spandex Covering Machines
  • Soft Winding
  • Package Cone Winding